Kisai Seven LED Watch

Kisai Seven LED Watch

A creative timepiece manufacturers tokyo flash have just released the ‘kisai seven’. Two pulsating rings of light, a cool futuristic design & LEDs curving around your wrist, Kisai Seven brings an ultra-modern look to what is essentially a regular watch. The Kisai Seven watch is most definitely inspired by Tron, and is based on an earlier concept design by Scott Galloway unveiled last year. The inner ring is the hour hand and the outer ring is the minute hand. There is a dark void section in each ring that literally points to the time.

The lights trailing off around the wrist are not just for show either, they help you pin down the exact minute by lighting up in segments. The set is made of hard plastic with polyurethane strap and butterfly clasp transparent. Another interesting point, recharging is done by USB.The LED watch is on launch sale for $99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Tokyoflash official site

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