Skytex Primer Pocket 4.3-inch Android media tablet only $99

Skytex Technology, Inc. has just announced the upcoming release of the Primer Pocket, a wifi media tablet with Android™. With its 4.3-inch multi-touch display, the Primer Pocket is pretty much the same size as many Android smartphones. But while other media players don’t come with phone-like functionalities, you can use the Primer Pocket for some VoIP calling. It has 4GB Flash, a microSD card slot, and a g-sensor. The screen is multi-touch, but it’s also low-res (480×272). Users will be able to enjoy their favorite music and video files, as well as browse the web, play games and stay connected with friends and family over wifi.

skytex primer pocket Skytex Primer Pocket 4.3 inch Android media tablet only $99

The Primer Pocket will arrive on retail shelves August 18th with an unprecedented m oled technology on mobile phone anufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99

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