Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor

Samsung Electronics announced a premium monitor in the American market, Called Samsung Syncmaster PX2370. The PX2370 will be giving customers outstanding performance combined with sleek, attractive design and energy-efficient technology.
It features a thin (18mm) profile and a Touch of Color (ToC) design, the sleek LCD has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 2ms response time, a contrast ratio of 1000:1 (5,000,000:1 DCR).The PX2370 has been awarded with Energy Star™ and EPEAT Gold Certification. The monitor contains a number of features to maximize energy efficiency, including Samsung’s Smart Sensor Technology, with both proximity and Ambient Light Sensors (ALS), which automatically turn it on and off when not in use. The Syncmaster PX2370 will become available in April for $369.
Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor

REVIEW 11 December 2010

1rev Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor
Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor review on Cnet
“The Magic Angle mode prevents the screen from darkening when viewed from certain angles. Magic Angle has four settings: Lean Back Mode 1, Lean Back Mode 2, Standing Mode, and Side Mode. Switching to each mode will improve screen brightness when viewing the monitor from that angle. For example, after switching to Lean Back Mode 2 and then sitting back in your chair to play a game, the screen doesn’t darken nearly as much, and as a result, game details can still be seen, while you do irreparable damage to your spine.”

Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor review onTechreviewSource
“The image quality through the DVI-D connection is very good and the color tones seemed extremely accurate and vivid. Screen brightness did seem slightly dim compared to other monitors, but nothing too noticeable. Contrast between light and dark areas were very detailed and looked great. Text looked very crisp with and without using Microsoft ClearType. There was also no observable ghosting or lag with fast-moving objects on the screen. The viewing angles on the PX2370 were pretty good with only slight darkening and color loss at very extreme angles.”

Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor review on DigitalVersus
“Given that Samsung makes the best hybrid monitors around with its P2x70HD series, we’re always a little disappointed to see such terrible upscaling in the brand’s other models. The PX2370 has obvious trouble controlling granular digital noise when playing DVDs. Once again, you’re better off relying on your DVD/Blu-ray player to take care of picture quality if you want to watch a film.”

Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor review on TrustedReview
“While the PX2370 thankfully omits speakers, it does feature top-of-the-line audio outputs which will carry audio from the HDMI source. In addition to the usual 3.5mm analogue audio jack that’s commonly found on many monitors for this purpose, you’ll also find a rare (at least for a monitor without TV aspirations) but very welcome digital optical output, meaning you can pass through perfect-quality 5.1 surround sound to an external speaker system.”

Samsung Syncmaster PX2370 premium LED monitor Review on PCAuthority
“Image quality isn’t perfect then, when the price is $50 more than the BenQ 24in, below. Spend a little more and you could get a quality IPS LCD. Alternatively, better image quality can be had on LCDs below $400. There’s no doubt that the Samsung is one cool, classy customer, but at this price, we’d simply expect better

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