Sony Announces Launch Edition Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle

Posted by | Last Updated : 962 days ago Sony Announces Launch Edition Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle

Sony has announced a new launch bundle of the PS VITA for the 3G/WiFi model. Previously, the PS Vita was available in three different packages: The wifi model, the 3G model, and the first edition bundle. The bundle, that is already available for preorder on Amazon (that will upgrade all the previous preorders of the 3G/Wi-Fi model to this bundle) still costs $299.99. According to a statement on the PlayStation Blog, a new PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi bundle at launch includes an 8GB Vita memory card, an AT&T DataConnect Pass good for one free 250MB session and a code to download a free game from the PSN
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CyberpowerPC Announces Third Generation ‘Fang III’ Desktop PCs

Posted by | Last Updated : 993 days ago CyberpowerPC Announces Third Generation 'Fang III' Desktop PCs

CyberpowerPC announced the third generation of its Fang gaming PC family. The Fang III series consists of the Rattler, Viper, Cobra, and top-of-the-line Black Mamba, each one re-armed with Intel’s second generation Core i processors and fully customizable. Speed is the key and the Fang III have all been retooled with new 2nd Generation Intel Extreme Core I processors; the latest Intel Chipsets that support blazing fast dual channel and quad channel memory. Prices start at $999 for the CyberpowerPC Fang III Rattler and go well above $4999 for the fully configured CyberpowerPC Fang III Black Mamba.
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JXD S7100 – Android Powered Gaming Device

Posted by | Last Updated : 995 days ago JXD S7100 – Android Powered Gaming Device

Here is a new Android-powered handheld gaming console, namely JXD S7100. The JXD S7100 from JinXing Digital, a Chinese company, is the second (Yinlips G18 being the very first) Android OS hand-held gaming console to be released onto the market. The JXD S7100 is a 7 inch Android 2.2 device with built in gaming controllers. It has directional controllers, square, triangle, circle, and X buttons, and dedicated Select and Start buttons. Install Mame or another gaming emulator and this would make a great little gaming device. It is available in Taobao in China for 899 Yuan = 141 dollars or equal with 107 euros (aprox)
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Arkham City DLC Inbound with All New Batcave

Posted by | Last Updated : 1023 days ago Arkham City DLC Inbound with All New Batcave

According to Rocksteady, Batman: Arkham City will be getting three new challenge maps as DLC on December 20. There’s not been a press release about the Challenge Map Pack yet, but Rocksteady Studios confirmed the date on their official Twitter account. According to this tweet, the pack arrives December 20 and also includes two previously available maps: Iceberg Lounge and Joker’s Carnival. The Joker’s Carnival swipes the rules of The Weakest Link and adds your score to a meter which fills by fighting enemies. You can bank your score at any time, but as the meter rises you get a tempting score bonus. It is said to add four hours of content.
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Microsoft announces new Kinect Hardware for Windows in early 2012

Posted by | Last Updated : 1028 days ago Microsoft announces new Kinect Hardware for Windows in early 2012

The Kinect for Windows team has announced that Microsoft is releasing PC-specific Kinect hardware in 2012. A new blog post on Kinect for Windows has announced that “new Kinect hardware especially for Windows” has the hardware optimization and the software has been adjusted to enable better PC use-case scenarios. In conjunction with the talk of new hardware, Microsoft is also prepping commercial licenses for Kinect, enabling developers to sell commercial apps based on the SDK for the Windows iteration.
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Sony Playstation Vita at Tokyo Game Show

Posted by | Last Updated : 1090 days ago Sony Playstation Vita at Tokyo Game Show

In the SCE booth at Tokyo Game Show 2011, Sony offer the latest handeld console Sony Playstation Vita.
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Xbox TV launching this holiday season

Posted by | Last Updated : 1093 days ago Xbox TV launching this holiday season

Microsoft has confirmed plans to launch its TV service over Xbox Live by this holiday season.
The announcement was made by Ballmer at the Microsoft financial analyst meeting this week. Where he explained Microsoft is currently working with “dozens or hundreds of additional video-content suppliers,”. Microsoft will also let users navigate for video using Xbox’s motion-based Kinect system and use Bing to help users find and discover content. Ballmer said separates Microsoft from previous, failed TV-peripheral attempts by other companies, such as Google and Apple. Microsoft and the Xbox 360 have some experience in the live TV arena, having already done some similar kind of work with Sky TV in the U.K. and with FoxTel in Australia that lets the Xbox stream a limited number of linear channels.

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PlayStation Vita hitting Japan December 17

Posted by | Last Updated : 1098 days ago

Sony PlayStation Vita will be on sale in Japan on Dec. 17 with 26-game software going on sale on the same date. Japanese Vita owners going for the 3G model will be charged 980 yen (US$13) for 20 hours of pre-paid or 4,980 yen (US$65). In the US, AT&T will be handling the 3G service for the Vita. NTT Docomo will be the official PSV 3G carrier in Japan. According to a leak just before the conference, 26 titles will be available for the PS Vita in Japan at launch.The upcoming titles include Fish On, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, Katamari, F1 2011, and WipeOut, among others.The Vita carries a touch screen display, two cameras and motion sensors.

vitahedcopy PlayStation Vita hitting Japan December 17
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Microsoft to release special edition Xbox 360 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Posted by | Last Updated : 1109 days ago

At Call of Duty XP today, Microsoft and Activision announced the Limited Edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 bundle. The “collectible” Call of Duty bundle comes with a specially decorated Xbox 360 console, two custom wireless controllers, a 320 gigabyte hard drive, and a copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The console will also have its own custom noises when pressing the power or disc eject buttons. Powering on the system will trigger the sound of night vision goggles, for instance. A one month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE is included, as well as exclusive avatar items that show your Xbox LIVE friends you’re one of the lucky ones to own this coveted console.The console will launch on 8th November, 2011 in the UK exclusively with GAME and gamestation for £269.99, and you can pre-order it starting today.

limited edition xbox 360 console 0 Microsoft to release special edition Xbox 360 for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
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Europe gets a New Wii Model, Lacks GameCube Support

Posted by | Last Updated : 1125 days ago

A new model of Wii is on the way this October, at least in Europe. These new Wiis will come bundled with a Wii Remote Plus, Wii Party, and Wii Sports. Nintendo of Europe says that the older Wii models will be phased out after this one is introduced this holiday season. The new Wii, according to Nintendo UK, is designed to sit horizontally instead of vertically and the console itself is smaller, reports Eurogamer. That may be thanks to the lack of GameCube controller inputs, a removal that’s due to the decision to ditch backwards compatibility for GameCube games. That said, the appeal of this bundle will likely fall on families and gamers that probably wouldn’t consider themselves hardcore Nintendo devotees

Wii Nintendo for Europe Europe gets a New Wii Model, Lacks GameCube Support
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